Features of Virtual Phone Extension


As you know, the telephone is limited by its restricted number of switching devices. But, of course, the idea of a "telephone" is not something new. Still, any form of communication which can only be done one-directionally from one device to another is undoubtedly confined by this limitation.

A voip home phone service goes beyond the limitations of traditional telephonic communications. With features such as simultaneous calling and multiple extensions, it offers many advantages over the traditional methods used for communicating via telephones, such as reliability and cost-saving options for businesses.

  • Fax to Email –

This service that allows you to send a fax through Google's Gmail application is an excellent way for your business to receive faxes. The sender can mail the original fax attachment to you or have the correspondence on their computer and email it to you.


  • Outbound Calling –

Anytime you want to call someone when you are away from your desk, the ability through a virtual phone extension to route your calls to any cell phone or landline at low rates is an excellent tool for your business. As a business owner, you will be able to have access to all of these features and more and the ability for many employees in different areas of your company or even at home to communicate freely with each other.


  • Hosted Call Recording –

It is another feature of the voip extension that gives your business a great deal of security. With the ability to record all calls made on your phone line and any other number you may choose, you will never be left out in the dark.


  • Contact Information –

Whether you are an individual or a small business owner, keeping constant contact with clients and vendors is crucial for their satisfaction. The introduction of the virtual phone extension enables anyone to have access to your contact information without making anyone call you.


  • Failover Forwarding –

You can instantly transfer your calls to any other number within seconds if you have a virtual phone extension. This feature allows you to continue working even with disruptions and emergencies.


  • Contact Directory –

Just as it sounds, this feature allows you to create your directory that can store information on multiple numbers and people, along with a variety of essential notes and comments. It is an extremely useful feature because each entry can be updated without calling.


  • Local Ringback Tones –

This feature on your virtual phone extension will allow you to make a call from anywhere in the world and have it ring back to your office as if you were at your desk. It is an excellent feature for those travelling or away from their office for any reason.


  • Contact Log –

It is another feature that allows you to keep track of everyone who has called and been in contact with your business, whether by email, fax, or otherwise.

The virtual extension provides many advantages over the traditional telephone methods. A virtual phone extension is an excellent tool for those looking to take their communications to the next level. Whether you make a call from your office or the backseat of your car, the flexibility that this extension offers will be sure to give you the advantage.